The snow has enveloped the landscape

White powder covers foliage beneath

Cold, icy, and unpleasant to touch on the outside

But protecting inner life which will bloom in the spring

Crackling flames overtake logs placed in the hearth

Engulfing, consuming, hardened bark and crisp wood

Transforming stumps into sticks, and sticks into embers

Yet, those embers keep our home warm against the frigid air

Winter lays the crop fields bare for a season

The dirt soaks in and absorbs the earth’s snow blanket

Which, in turn, replenishes minerals’ sustaining compositions,

Preparing the dull mud to support the life that yearns to grow

Night covers the day and temporarily takes away the light

Darkness eclipses the prism of colors for which humanity yearns

But those shadows remain for just a few small hours,

Enabling nature’s circadian rhythm to bring humanity respite

Everything which surrounds humankind

Will at some time or another come to an end

Each person’s day-to-day experiences will fade away

But each hour’s resolution purposefully brings unrest

Through each of our collective moments- life’s chapter’s-

We learn, are forced to grow, and eventually transform

Ideas once held so close to the core of our beings- our hearts-

No longer keep our chests beating, our souls yearning

For each of life’s minimal and hefty attainments

Leads us to want more: to hold what we haven’t yet touched

Long-hidden, deeply muted desires are made apparent

Through time’s ability to melt the ice encircling our souls.

                                              ---Written by Sandy Heights

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