Said & Done


It’s all said, but it’s not done

And it’s all done, but it’s not said

And all you know is that now it’s your past

But all you pray is that this doesn’t last

That look- it meant a thousand words

But those spoken words- they meant nothing at all

That glance at the floor- it wasn’t about the floorboards

But that turning away- it was about the wall

That moment- if you could replay it until it was right

But that time- it didn’t give you time to think; just react

Those regrets- if only they could undo the painful bite

That cut- it had far too much time to scar and infect

Those smiles- you were so sure that they were real

That grin- you knew but couldn’t tell that it was fake

That frown- it shouldn’t be how you show how you feel

Those tears- you always hid them, but not for each other’s sake

That effort- you believe it was all put out in vain

But that pride- it cripples you until you decide to let it go

Those vainly caused wounds- they left you almost lame

These settled emotions- they allow you to see what you know

That spring- you screamed it was really the end

That summer- you told yourself you were fine each day

But this fall- it will take you back to where you’ve already been

And this winter- calms and storms won’t guide your way

Your feelings- they’ve ricocheted too far up and down

Your thoughts- they excuse everything that’s already been done

Your hearts- they still hurt, but you seem good all around

Your heads- they know neither side has truly won

So see that look in your mind because it did mean so much

Whisper those unspoken words to the wall that won’t reply

Look at the floorboards; count the cracks you didn’t touch…

And tear out the boards or climb the wall… but have a reason why

Because it’s all said, but it’s not done

And it’s all done, but it’s not said

And all you know is that it’s not just your past

But all you pray is that something can last

-- Written by Sandy Heights

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