Words of Toxic Air

Another night lying wide awake 

Thinking about your words—- oh your words—-

Which are filled with the deceptive venom of a snake

Poison I would take in to help you, but then wilt alone

How is it that you still can’t see?

Your time has passed; the two years have been washed away

With the strength-- the self-reliance— I’ve learned is part of me

How can you still be gripping at what is no longer yours?

One year ago, I would have picked you up; helped you along

I would have given and you would have taken as you do

But I would have been left alone, asking what I did wrong

And you would have promised words—-oh your words—- to never keep

You tell me you need a friend—-just 30 seconds of my time--

But I gave you all the time and love I had

You tell me you thought one day I would be your wife

But my dreams--once full of you-- are no longer filled with that life

I can only tell you with my words—- oh my words—- so many times

That I’m no longer your girl; this relationship is no longer what I want

Yet you can’t release the girl who never failed to believe your rhymes

You realize what you can’t hold; so you won’t let go of this—- of me--

Still you’re grasping at, reaching for, holding onto thick, foggy smoke

I have nothing left to give to you and no more tolerance for pain intake

I tried so hard for so long before I knew I couldn’t change you—-
I couldn’t save you--

But contrary to your words—- oh your words—- you were never there

And your words are as smothering as polluted, toxic air.

--Written By Sandy Heights


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