A.fter M.idnight

A.M.; It’s 12:52---

Just the time that we each dread

For it’s the time when all you can do

Is think about the life you’ve misread.

A.M.; It’s 12:57---

And I may as well be alone in this hotel

You’re all dreaming somewhere between here and heaven

But I’m still in this world: the devil’s wishing well.

A.M.; It’s 1:04---

There are many dreams, but most are rarely sweet

For once you wake from sleep all you want is more

But to sleep you must lie and to live you must be on your feet.

A.M.; It’s 1:09---

I see you still have pieces of me I won’t get back

Though without them I know I’m doing a little better than okay

No longer are these, once weighing me down, things I try to pack.

A.M.; It’s 1:14---

Though I’m diluted in my many illusions

I’m still staring at the same old temporary hotel scene;

I’ll find more dissolution in my own solutions.

A.M.; It’s 1:19---

And although these minutes bring me questions

I have hope, disquieted peace, love- though I don’t know what they mean-

Sometimes answers are mere suggestions.

--Written by Sandy Heights

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