The Beginning of a Weekend

Can I retrace this last weekend?
You were out of my life but now there you are.
Maybe I’ll make a bit of sense out of what I felt.
You were inches away, in my heart, and making it melt.

And I had to take a step back-you were too close-
Because though I’m guarded, I wasn’t prepared
To fight what I felt when you rested your eyes in mine…
I felt that was where they belonged to leave the past behind.

Now my mind and feet somehow wander to you
And as I think of all last summer, I’m scared.
Scared that maybe this is the new beginning I need.
Scared about the future when this is what I read.

But all I know is that if you’ll take a chance, so will I.
Don’t let this grow old and fade away; too much already has.
So keep talking to me; your voice is sweet
Keep looking my way; I love when our eyes meet.

Maybe this is the chance when we can get it right.
Or maybe we’ll get it wrong. But it’s worth a try.
So if you can see, come after me.
Maybe it will be hard, but nothing worth holding is easy.

Are you retracing this last weekend?-
I was out of your life, but now here I am-
Maybe to you this is making a bit of sense
And maybe we’ve both been thinking of each other ever since.

--Written by Sandy Heights

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