Receding Tide

Don’t you understand?
I need more. I need
More than just a hope-
More than just a dream-
I need your hand.
What is so hard to figure out?
I need someone who will lead-
Not down a slippery slope-
I need a firm grip;
Not another doubt.
Why can’t you see?
I need you to see me-
Even when it’s dark.
I need you to see
What we could be.
What can’t you get?
I don’t need you
To add or change.
All I need is you-
You reaching out for me.
Do you understand?
I need so much more
Than what I have.
I need you- and you
Still aren’t there.
I’m drowning in
This receding tide.
But you’ll never
Carry me to dry land.
…I just don’t understand.

--- Written by Sandy Heights

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