For My Grandma

Let me come in for a minute
It’s been too long, but not really long at all
Since I took the time to stop by or to give you a call

Little fifteen minute meetings
And brief catch-ups on jogs, tasks, and strife
Each encounter so inconsequential, but all together so special in my life

I can never pick the perfect words
To explain and capture how much your presence has meant
How thankful I am to have had you remain so close even when I went

Hundreds of your tiny encouragements and smiles
Have all added to teach me how to be and to love more
All your questions, hugs, and truths have guided me through life’s doors

It’s all the little things—and the very big things too--
Which always exhibit how much you truly love and care
I pray these very same things are what I’ll never forget to share

If there were words which could justly return to you
Just a little bit of what your stories and lessons have given me
I would write them in a heartbeat so that I knew you could see

But at best, I write you this trite poem, so inconsequential and brief
To let you know that your love has meant so very much
These letters are not enough too unpolished to thank you as I should
But accept this reminder that you’ve always been a part of where I stood.

--Written by Sandy Heights

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