You travel down your road
I travel down my own
You carry your given load
I follow the map I’m shown

But last year, our paths hit
In that time, our cars synced
As the red light became lit
We had no choice but to slow down

A light changed and your hurried left, but why?
I continued right on my way
You didn’t think to say goodbye
And I drove on through the night and day

But last month, roads became parallel
In this present time, we wave and we go
How long our roads line up we can’t tell
And what exits we take we don’t know

You must now stop at a crossroad
I brake because I can’t continue to speed
You turn right, left, or take the same road
I go straight, right, or let you take the lead

If we don’t take turns, we might just crash
Or we might pass each other by again
But I try not to speed up and be so rash:
We’re at crossroads and we decide how they bend

--Written by Sandy Heights

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