Pulling Me Back to the Good

Everything is going to be just as it should.
I sit here and write another poem by the waters:
More thoughts under the night sky we’ve withstood.
I don’t have all my problems solved on these shores
But the tide always pulls me back to the good.

We fight and claw and bruise and try so damn hard
In the midst of the waves turning us, moving us, pushing us around.
We get pushed away and pulled back in by the problems we’ve barred;
The tide drawing us into deepest water- too deep to always see the ground.
But this tide teaches us to swim when the shore’s been marred.

Another year passes, and I ask what the hell I can say
About this crazy world filling my heart and soul with rain.
I come again and again to the decision that life’s worth every day:
It’s worth the days when my strength is drowning in pain
And life outreaches the ocean’s bottom where death may stay.

I can smell— I can sense- the water’s sweetness
And I can touch—I can feel— this lake’s depth.
This moment reminds me I’m just one small wave in this mess:
The tide will rise and fall with those who’ve laughed and wept.
But at this transient beach, I find peace from all I’ve counted as less.

--Written by Sandy Heights

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