Watching It Rain

I’m watching it rain.
Isn’t it pleasant,
In the most unusual way?

I’m hearing the thunder.
It’s so very loud.
But I don’t want it any other way.

The wind has passed
And the trees are still strong,
Standing in such a brave way.

The storm is not over.
But just above distant trees comes light,
Showing tomorrow could be a different way.

The rain slows down.
The ground is soaked.
But the trees have grown stronger along the way.

A fresh air has settled in,
Cooling off the aging world.
But the heat will return in the same steady way.

The birds are soaring after the storm.
But they’ll never forget those trees
Who protected them in such a lasting way.

I’m watching gray clouds dissipate,
The remnants of the frightful storm,
Seeing them scatter; each to go their own way.

I’m hearing the chirping of birds.
It’s so gentle and hopeful
And I don’t want it any other way.

---Written by Sandy Heights

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