Cold Front

If I told you how I was feeling
There is no way you could hear without seeing
How much of my joy you were stealing
Because right now I’m so angry, I’m unbelieving

I’m unbelievingly, unbelieving in everything
You always have and always will be speaking
In riddles because you give no answers without my seeking,
Seeking what on earth you could possibly be thinking

What you say and don’t say are so unthinkable and piercing
They pierce right down to my heart and keep on searing
The pieces which keep receiving exactly what they’ve been fearing
And I fear you’re only receiving pieces through you selective hearing

A storm has come, but you pretend you’re in the sun relaxing
A cold front has settled in, but you pretend it’s passing
My heart is chopped more and more as you continue axing
Down healthy trees in the middle of the storm you don’t want lasting

But the lightning sparks swirl round and continue flying
You’re attracting the lightning through your lying
We’re going to get hit no matter how much time you’re buying
And as the storm continues growing, my heart continues fighting.

-- Written by Sandy Heights


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