The Unknown

The unknown can make you lose sleep at Night.
Worse yet, it can enter your dreams to make them restless.
The unknown can tuck you in, wrap you up, and suffocate you in fright.
Worse yet, it can whisper you’ve done everything wrong.
It can bury your emotions deep down beyond the light.

The unknown can give you so much fresh, previously undreamt hope.
Better yet, it can stimulate the ideas you never thought would come.
The unknown can make a bridge, net, or parachute from once bound rope.
Better yet, the unknown can be used as a ladder to climb beyond.
The unknown should be so much more than just a time through which we cope.

Right now, this fearsome unknown alarms me.
Worse yet, it makes me question every sight, scent, and sound.
The unknown makes me wonder what I want my mindfulness to see.
Worse yet, all my overstimulated senses scream I’m too inadequate to touch.
This damn unknown is asking me to be okay with what I still can’t be.

But all this unknown must be more than just unraveled threads.
Better yet, it can be- it will be- A braid we weave together in the end.
This unknown causes burnt hands, flowing hearts, and throbbing heads….

But the unknown helps us find answers which break our preconceived rhythms.
The unknown can guide us to jumps, hikes, and dives 
which can still be inspiring without rhyme.

--Written by Sandy Heights


3 thoughts on “The Unknown

  1. Thank you for your post very interesting!!
    Please follow me I’m following you and comment please 😊

    🌙 The Unknown

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    1. I am following you :). Thank you for the kind comment!


      1. ❤️💚💛💜💙 Thanxxx 💚


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