To Trust Again

Finding those perfect words to describe this…
Is impossible, but for the first time not reckless.
Meeting you was unplanned, spontaneous, and perfect.
Our first date was last minute, full of changed plans…

But also my best evening in a parking lot yet.
Driving to that lake was exciting, nerve-wracking, and crazy.
Staying up with you all night was unquestioned…
Somehow expected… and just like picking a perfect daisy.

The first invitation to your house was half-heartedly declined,
Strongly weighed, but secretly always wanted.
All those nights in your garage are goofy, seemingly unimportant,
But mean more to me than can be written, typed, or said.

Talking about our pasts is at times difficult…
Sometimes fearful, but always honest.
Learning each other’s strengths & faults is full
Of holes and occasional tears as we replace faded sonnets.

Lying with you in your bed is full of comfort & warmth.
It’s a place where I feel safe.
Holding you, knowing you, loving you,
Has taught me to have renewed faith.

During these days together, I’ve found myself
Happy, content, and at rest.
The time it has taken me to truly see you
Has given me hope, strength, and mended trust.

The day I sat down to write this…
I was not filled with anxiety, angst, or consuming fear.
Today I am filled with excitement, hope, and love
For everything we are and everything which is so near.

-- Written by Sandy Heights

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