Have- That-

Have- you ever pushed so hard- that-
You only went in a circle-?
Have- you ever struggled all year to find- that-
Still nothing was clear-?
Have- you ever become so caught- that-
There was no way you could even hide out-?
Have- you ever rehearsed your act so much- that-
There was no way you could possibly get off stage-?
Have- you ever decided what you wanted to only find- that-?
It was something you could never have and would never wage-?
Have- you ever had so many emotions drop from your eyes- that-
You would never dry them with a thousand tissues-?
Have- you ever found everyone so distant- that-
No one cared if you found yourself used-?
Have- you ever knocked your head against the wall so long- that-
You could no longer become knocked out-?
Have- you ever found someone only to later find- that-
They were just playing a game of cops and robbers all along-?
Have- you ever protected a friend and yet found- that-
They would never be ready to do the same for you-?
Have- you ever tried to change so much- that-
Everything around you stayed the same-?
Have- you ever become so exhausted- that-
You didn’t know what your dreaming was for-?
Have- you ever felt you were the only one who didn’t know- that-
Everyone and everything was building a wall all along-?
Have- you ever felt so confused and embarrassed- that-
You’re haunted by every mistaken thought of the past-?
Have- you ever lost so much pride- that-
You no longer have any desire to bring it all back-?

--Written by Sandy Heights
If you are ever struggling, know that you can call 1-800-273-8255 
24 hours a day for help.

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