Love: The Story Which Is Told

There was such a long time
When I felt that one mistaken choice just followed another
It always seemed they each had line after line
But not one turned out any better than the other

I look back and remember how I had lost so much hope
I had success, and acceptance, and the promise of more
But I had become so lost in what matters, I had let them tie their rope
There were knots I couldn’t break until the day you opened that door

Now here I am nearly twelve months from the day
Not anxious or saddened or consumed with the next material goal
There’s not fear in my core or nightmares to wash away
And I said I couldn’t trust again, so I guess I’m breaking my own rule

There’s so much imperfection in both of our lives
Yet somehow we help make each other whole as we try
Somehow we help each other to live and not just survive
Somehow your consistency is something on which I’ve come to rely

To be so comfortable with someone who doesn’t pretend
To be so close to someone who lets me be so real
To be so loved even when my stubborn pride won’t bend
Is what has let my heart be for only you to finally steal

Our memories are now the silliest, angriest, and happiest pieces of my past
The present peace and calm is something onto which I can hold
All our gripes, kisses, and laughs remind me I’m sure I want this to last
I pray in our future, love will be the story which is told.

--Written by Sandy Heights


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