We are Blessed

We’ve had kisses, hugs, laughs & hope through these years
We’ve also had shouts, screams, & fights as we’ve faced our fears

But look at us now and how far we’ve come
Six years ago, at that bar, I didn’t know I was about to meet my one

These years together have sometimes been tough
We’ve lost battles and added scars from endings which were rough

But we also made it through-together- each time we got lost in a quest
Every journey has taught us truths which show we are blessed

Days have passed into months and months into years so quickly
Tensions and questions have sometimes distracted us from all we should see

But respite has been found in your arms and in our home
Disquiet always becomes muted because we both know we’re not alone

So now we face another life-changing moment
When all this momentum gets poured into the ink of another pen

I am writing this tonight because I know so much is about to shift
But I’m grateful to have a home with you which has remained a true gift

True, life is difficult more often than it is not
But I am lucky to have a steadfast partner for each battle I’ve fought

We’ve made it through some troubling years
We both know more struggles wait up ahead to bring us more tears

But today and always we will count ourselves blessed
I am thankful we can make something beautiful out of life’s mess

--Written by Sandy Heights

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