Define Restless


I never knew how restless I could be
I never had so many feelings inside of me
And I would have never guessed that as I grew
There would be less and less I really knew

I have my opinions that don’t really matter
You have your feelings that someone’s bound to shatter
We all have our hopes that probably will never come
And everyone has relationships they pray aren’t truly done

But I can’t really tell whose there and who’s not
And the more I think, the more I wonder about what I thought
We keep moving on and forgetting our friends
Not trying, but thinking, someday we’ll make amends

And if one waits the other always goes ahead
We either sprint, or fill our feet with lead
We always wait for the timing to be right
Instead of we, ourselves, making it right tonight

I feel alone, but I know I’m not alone at all
And I’ll keep climbing back up after every fall
But reaching these tops still isn’t that sweet
As Each victory tastes the same as defeat

If this really is what restless is
Can humans ever really define this?
I never thought that I would write
How I couldn’t see with my own light

--Written by Sandy Heights

2 thoughts on “Define Restless

  1. Loved the theme and the way you expressed it .
    But hey keep the block in paragraph it becomes terribly difficult to read from the mobile app.


    1. Thank you. Will be sure to keep the formatting in mind!


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