What a Girl Wants

When do I listen to my head?
When do I listen to my heart?
Why do they always have to tear me apart?

I don’t understand; Is it all my fault?
Am I too guarded for my own good?
Have I caused it all to be misunderstood?

Do I push you away?
Am I too scared to trust?
Cause I’m still left in the dust.

I know I can be stubborn
And too often I might be misled.
But I just want an end like the stories I’ve read.

I know I’m too confusing
And I can be so hard to really know,
But if you’d try, with time, I swear it all would show.

Maybe I say what I shouldn’t
And maybe I don’t say what I should.
But I really do only aim for the good.

I don’t want to play games
And there’s little I need to prove.
Just be with me... don’t move.

I just want you to love me;
That’s all a girl wants- that’s all I need.
Love me, and I swear I can be what you need.

--Written by Sandy Heights

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