A Mind in Solitude Wanders

Breathe in through the nose.

Breathe out through the mouth…


Imagine you’re on a chair.

No, not a chair,

But a hammock.

A hammock between two trees.

The wind wisps over your skin

And your only concern

Is the hat which was picked up

By the breeze

And laid on the soft grass beyond reach.

Now pretend you roll over

And all you see

Is the dog basking in your shade.

The shadows of the branches sway with ease.

The flicker of the sunlight shines

For only you to absorb.




What was that?

The old home’s slamming screen door?

No, it’s the cell shut once more




Is that what I long for?

The homecoming of you after a long day?

No, It’s the lock and key taking all hope away.


Pat, pat, pat.


Could I pretend those are your footsteps?

Can I make believe that your voice will call

Through our old porch window

Saying you’re finally home?


No, it’s the guard’s soul walking away

Leaving my senses alone in this concrete cage.

Leaving my mind in solitude to wander

Through every memory that takes me out of this space…


Breathe in through the nose.

Breath out through the mouth.


–Written by Sandy Heights

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