Scattered in Place

These are the days

When the dust has settled

And the dirt lays still

When the wind rests

And the flying debris

Sits, scattered in place

When the sleet dissipates

And the ground is full

Of the year’s past tears.


After the whirlwind

And the center of the storm

Pass us through,

What do we hold onto

And what do we choose to do?

Do we rebuild the wreckage?

Do we move

And start again elsewhere?

There may be no wrong answer.

But in these days, we realize

How we still live by a prayer.

These fighting moments

Come and go so fast

And the storm shows us

What we want to last.

So let us

Let go of our doubts

But hold onto those prayers

As we choose

What hope to share.


–Written by Sandy Heights
Image by Tim Hill from Pixabay




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