Distant Path

I’m a little overwhelmed
And I am so ready to go
But I’m also so afraid
That as I leave where I’ve stayed
I’ll fall because there’s so much I don know

I look back and I’ve come so far
The recent past seems a distant path
As I begin to see so much more shore
Than I ever let myself see before
Now that I’ve let go to sail this raft

How ridiculous I’ve really been
And how it all doesn’t matter
I can see that now that I’m here
Things change, but there’s always a new fear
There is a pattern to what we splatter

But as the past makes more sense
The less it does at the same time
And the more the future begins to loom
As I figure out how to make room
For what could and couldn’t be mine

Every thought swirls around
And every emotion seems to rebound
But I pray God will help me make sense
Out of each built and torn down fence
For, without faith what direction have I found?

--Written by Sandy Heights

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