Goodbye April

I had never known before now

How giving up could be the opposite of giving in

I never understood before this

Miss, that sometimes you miss to find bliss


I had never before seen April as an end,

Friend, to what the beginning might have been

I had never before this final thaw

Saw how the melting away of what’s frozen over can free


I had never until this truly let go

Though, of everything I didn’t know

I had never until I lost this painful stunt-

I don’t want- Found that I never wanted this after all


I never before had realized all at once so much-

The touch- I’d lost can be found again

I never before had realized what I knew-

You- are making me out of my mind and that’s fine


I have never been so unsure about it all

I fall and let myself sense the wind hitting my back

I never need be unsure about the spring

Bring me this ending and blooming I’ll sing


I have never taken time to tell April goodbye-

Why?- As one bloom closes another reaches for the sky

I have told April goodbye now that it’s May

Today- Yes, today- I can feel that it’s May


–Written by Sandy Heights

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