This birthday is supposed to be significant

By why doesn’t it feel significant?

It’s supposed to mark a passage of time

That transitions me into wiser, kinder, and more satisfied years.

So why is it that with each year that passes

I find myself losing myself more within meaningless chapters?

Some have said that as you age

Everything that has happened makes more sense.

But as I grow as I see the need to be content

With instead knowing and wanting less.

And despite the renewal that time brings,

The love, faith, and trust in hope,

I still wonder how much of my passage

Remains guided by a few past moments

I’ve boxed up, sealed , opened, closed, and reopened

But still tied back shut to carry as added baggage.

And will this next decade be enough?

Will I create the meaning I think I need?

Will I do enough to make up for every other moment

I’ve let slip by into forgotten decades?

—Written by Sandy Heights

Image by RedMaiden from Pixabay

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