Looking Glass

Frozen into the fibers of my memories is the moment

When I paused, scared to leave, on another side of the looking glass

And I watched you turn and walk away without the briefest look back.

Every crafted, manipulative phrase you whispered,

Every night you took advantage of my dreams,

Every dance where you showed how I could fall,

I can forgive them all.

I have sanded away those stories’ details,

So their colors are now muted,

So their hum no longer echoes within my being.

But that moment when I watched you through the window;

I can still feel my heart break– just as I wish I had broken that glass.

For that was the moment I knew

The fairytale you had constructed was about to collapse.

A decade later, I know who I am.

I now see an even better version of who I once was.

I trust that I have forgiven,

I’ve accepted what I can never see.

But sometimes I still ask myself,

How could you not have even once looked back?

—Written by Sandy Heights

–Image by automatic6517 from Pixabay

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