Today I seek to accept 2020 for what it was… and what it wasn’t.

I’m not walking away from 2020 with some epiphany I earned.

I haven’t found my inner beliefs changed or assumptions shocked.

I don’t think I’ve uncovered any untold truths hiding

Underneath the years of ash and dirt this year has wiped away.

But perhaps what I’ve learned is acceptance,

To know what actually is and may not for me ever be,

To find joy in the mundane moments I once thought scared me,

To see the value of nature’s continual renewal

In the midst of the constant withering of what once was,

To appreciate our world’s continuous rhythm

Which both propels us forward and back around to the same truths.

This year, I’ve learned the value of axioms,

Trust in wrong and right, Faith in a higher power,

The ever-present human need for hope–

To imagine, to see, a better life and brighter light.

I may never reach that life

But perhaps it is the constant searching,

Pushing and pulling, winding and twisting

Through every adversity the different decades bring

That keeps us moving forward to a better way–

And circling back to the same truths that give us a still solid base.

–Written by Sandy Heights

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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