5 Years Later

5 years later, would you be proud of who I’ve become?

Would you see the permanent impression you left,

A reflection of your values, lessons, and love in this life I chose?

Or would you say I’m missing the very thing

That makes everything worth living through?

Would you sense a growing discontent

As I lack the gift of passing your

Beautiful, simple, essential truths on?

5 years later, is success, respect, comfort– any of it–

Enough to feel I’ve carried on your name well?

Or would you tell me it’s time

To find another path, a new rhyme?

5 years later, I still search for- try to hear- your advice.

5 yeas later, I pray this life hasn’t been spent at too great a price.

5 years later, I carry you with me still.

5 years later, I hold your home-

Once the only place I felt home- closer still

As I build my own.

—Written by Sandy Heights

Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay

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