My foot caught in that bar

And faster than I could scream

I felt black.

I awoke on a callous floor

And saw those stairs looming over

To tell me what pain

I was about to know.

My feet planted in that doorway

Unable to lift

From a hard truth

Weighing us both down.

Still, faster than I could say

“I love you,”

The world we knew

Faded to a black we couldn’t change back.

That damn exhaustion

Drew my eyes shut.

That second of black

Propelled my car

Into a mistake

My feet couldn’t halt

With any push on the brakes.

My ears set on those words

Which whispered a truth

I had always known

But couldn’t believe.

And in a moment

I found myself shut in a darkened room

Filled with endless

Thoughts of black.

Black has been the color

Propelling me forward

Through mistakes and heartaches.

Black has helped made me grow

Into a woman I wouldn’t have otherwise known.

Despite the hurt of the darkness

There is vibrancy black has helped me see…

Every time…

After the clouds have rolled out,

Shadows have passed,

And new day has risen.

—Written by Sandy Heights

Image by Natálie Šteyerová from Pixabay

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