My House of Monsters

“You’re not good enough.”

That little voice peeps out

From underneath the filthy rug

I’ve been using to hide those insecurities

Ever since the last time they pulled me to the ground.

“You’re an imposter, a poser, a sham.”

That chant hums and rings

Growing louder from behind the curtain

I’ve already chose to shut

To keep these miserable monsters

From making me hide, run, or scream.

“You’re efforts are all going to be in vain.”

The inner accusations

Grow tall and begin to loom

Over my every thought

As I try to lay these worries back in place.

“They don’t like what you’ve done; no, they don’t like you.”

The harsh whispers rise to shouts

As I see a shaky house

I built upon my own anxieties

Releasing my psychic monsters

To fill this room with terror

Until I muster the courage to kick them all back out.

— Written by Sandy Heights

Image by Michael Gaida from Pixabay

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