To be quite honest,

I’m just not feeling it today.

The words aren’t guiding me into a flow

And I lack a structure to guide my rhythm

Or a plan for where I want these stanzas to go.

My brain screams that there’s nothing

New left for me to write

And my exhausted heart whispers

That today it doesn’t want to fight.

Maybe it’s my pessimism leaving internal reminders

That things can’t ever just be okay.

Maybe it’s my naïve optimism

Pushing me to always reach for a different fate.

Maybe it’s my inability to focus on any one choice I make.

Or maybe these uncertainties

Are borrowing up from under the surface

And have really been hiding out–

Waiting for me– either way.

To be quite honest,

I’m feeling it all just a little too much today.

Serendipity guides me into a worrisome, complicated,

But also beautiful flow

As I create a structure without simple rhythm

And see I don’t always need a plan for where these stanzas should go.

—Written by Sandy Heights

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