Pin It

Pin it shut.

Don’t I know these words will only be

Harsh, cruel, and unwieldy?

Hold it in.

When my chest starts to constrict

Can’t I sense

The building insolence?

Bring it down.

Can’t I see

The frustration I’ve hung

Up on center stage

Right above me?

Throw it out.

Haven’t I yet learned

The value of

Biting my tongue

And covering my mouth?

Exhale it now.

I know I can do better

Than to return to my own game,

Replay the same old show,

And cause the same damn pain.

Let it go;

So I don’t regret my choice,

Wish to quiet my own voice,

And spend this breath in vain.

–Written by Sandy Heights

Image by 250432 from Pixabay

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