These are the days when I feel the weight

Of everything I carry with me.

The hopes, goals, and aspirations

I’ve never quite let fade away.

And I wonder if I’ll ever be able

To fully lift up what I once saw

As my life’s mission.


These are the moments

When I see the beauty

Of not what I once planned

But what now is.

And I love these beings

That fill my soul with ever fresh hope

To face whatever hides around the next bend.


But as I sense everything I hold in my hands–

All that is both beautiful and full of pain–

I still feel the weight of everything.

The weight of what I still hope I see up ahead.

The weight of what still hasn’t come to be.

The weight of being blessed with a love

I could have never planned before it came

And which has changed everything,

Everything I now carry forward

But know always had to change.


—Written by Sandy Heights

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

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