Who would I be today

If I had made that stop light?

If I had turned left instead of right?

If that alarm wouldn’t have sounded

And I hadn’t been so polite?

Over a decade ago now,

You changed my life.

You revealed the inner longings

I didn’t know I had.

You uncovered the weaknesses

I didn’t know would drive me mad.

You minimized, subtracted, and divided

Friendships, relationships– love–

Everything I before thought I would only add.

But within the remaining shattered glass,

The fractured reflections

Of a million different versions of me,

I formed a better person.

I created a new silhouette out of the pieces

And it took time, but I’ve learned to trust what I see.

My life was changed forever,

But I became the woman

I now know I was always meant to be.

–Written by Sandy Heights

Image by jakov zadro from Pixabay

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