You asked me what I believe.

I believe in a God that loves and takes and gives.

I believe in a Bible that has changed my life

And the lives of so many others that I know.

I believe in a savior that has molded me, guided me,

And transformed me into someone better as I grow.

But I also believe that religion has been misused

Over the ages to hate and take and hide

It all within a dogma that explains why

Pride, prejudice, & fear masquerading as virtues aren’t just lies.

And yet I believe there is truth.

I believe in the goodness of my faith

And that there is beauty in your faith too.

And while some might say that’s misguided,

That only one reality can be real.

I would say I can no longer see truth to be anything less;

That I see each of us someday finding rest

Within the love of a God that can transcend any one person’s understanding;

An existence that can overflow our boxed in senses and rigid boundaries to help us see

The truth that surrounds both you and me .

—Written by Sandy Heights

Image by Jills from Pixabay

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