This weekend let us remember

That we can and should come together

To celebrate once more.

Let us feel the significance

Of living in a country

Based on the virtues

We all hold to be self evident.

To be thankful for a home

That has fought

For freedom, justice, and equality

Throughout its history.

And while many times,

We have failed to reached our lofty goals,

We have let one another down,

And we have stayed silent when

We should have made any sound;

We have also righted our wrongs,

Reached a little higher,

Searched a little deeper,

Taken a step closer,

To what we someday hope will be found.

So while we aspire

To what our nation set out to-

And often still fails to achieve-

Let us remain thankful,

Let us be united,

In the blessing of living in a country

Where there is a future to hope for,

Values to rest upon,

And truths for us to still aspire to be.

—Written by Sandy Heights

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

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