We sit in orderly, straightforward rows-

A mass of strangers brought together

For just a few hours.

This is simply the means

To get to wherever we’ve each chosen to go.

We each carry our own stories,

Our own intended destinations,

Reasons for why we picked up our stationary lives

And pushed them down the road

For just a few days, months, or years,

To move away from or toward challenges

No one else may ever know.

While we sit so close to one another,

Brushing elbows, sharing a small piece of time,

Few of us ask who each other are,

Few of us find a reason to really show

What has brought us to this moment

And pushed us all together

Regardless of status in life– be it high or low.

And so for the next few hours, we sit in orderly rows-

A mass of strangers organized and brought together.

In just a few hours, I will no longer remember

Those who took this journey with me;

For, we all too often fail to look beneath

The surface of who we are and what we should be.

–Written by Sandy Heights

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