If I press this shovel into the dirt,

I’ll uncover a biodiversity that sustains our life.

If I press this sanding paper against the wood,

I’ll merely define the grain

That represents a lifecycle far before my own.

If I push back the limbs of these trees,

I’ll find a harsh, just, ecosystem

Which continues regardless of whether I’m here.

If I open the rickety door to this old house,

I’ll make memories within those walls

That turn the shell into one more transient home.

Years have come before and rest behind us.

Truths are uncovered and built on one another every day.

Yet we forget how life continues with or without us.

Let us not forget to look back at what the years have hidden.

Let us be thankful for what the past has given.

Let us find peace in the life it has blessed us with today.

—Written by Sandy Heights

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