If I say I support equity

While pointing my finger at another group,

Would you believe my misdirection?

If I scream that you are biased, misinformed, and archaic

While simultaneously removing your right to choose,

Will you overlook that I have made myself the judge?

If I call for equal opportunity

While threatening your livelihood

Because you won’t meet my immediate demands,

Will you believe I treat you with dignity?

If I defund the essential services

That help your community run–

That serve you, heal you, protect you–

Will you still defend what I’ve done?

Will you stand by and call me equitable

When I execute policies at odds

With your state, community, and personal

Right to freedom, self-direction, and choice?

Will we fall for a false equity

That- once again- harms the very ones

We claim to protect?

–Written by Sandy Heights

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