While we profess

The Value of diversity,

We overlook the gift

Of seeing from a unique view.

Standing out from the crowd

Is terrifying. It makes you quake.
Honestly, it has to make you feel alone.

But only from that peak of solitude

Can we see what is otherwise hidden

While standing within the crowd.

Only when we step outside,

Can we observe the chaos of the mass,

The destruction of the noise,

The silent cracking of the glass,

The mismatched theories and

Clashing arguments all

Fuming from the same impasse.

What is invisible when groupthink takes over

Is exactly what is brought to light when alone.

Don’t be afraid of your own privacy.

It may make you quake.
Honestly, it very well may make you feel alone.

But the fear is worth the truth that is shown.

–Written by Sandy Heights

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