You entered my life overnight.

A text. Saying you would be here.

You arrived. And nothing was the same.

Your playful nature,

Anxious worries,

And unreserved adoration for this home

Became as ever present and common place

As the very air I breathe.

You came and everything changed

For the better in both you and me…

But you left my life in 30 minutes.

One missed moment. An overlooked opportunity.

And you were gone.

A drive. Trying like hell

To outrun the hands on your clock…

But it didn’t matter.

Just as quickly as you came, you left.

And now I’m left

Wondering where I should go.

I can’t fill the emptiness you left behind.

My lungs still gasp for the air

That evaporated with you.

One crash.

And everything changed for the worse.

But I would still go back

And let you in this door.

Because no matter the sorrow right now,

There was a time

When I would have never asked for more.

–Written by Sandy Heights

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