Forever Grateful

After a month without you,

I suppose I can live thirty more on my own.

Nothing will ever feel the same.

This house, yard, and life

Will always now hold an empty spot

Waiting just for you to fill it.

But now I know I can live with that vacant space,

Forever grateful for the days when it was full,

Forever grateful for days you touched my very soul.

We don’t get the chance to say

How things turn out; or why– sometimes

Unexpectedly– someone’s life is taken away.

I am living within a haze, weighed by waves of anguish and apathy.

But I am still living. Living without you.

And moving forward with no answers to sooth my aching soul.

So while I can never replace you,

I want you to know I will be okay– because I have to be.

And I will forever carry your memory forward with me.

—Written by Sandy Heights

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