Tonight I saw a gleaming moon

Light up the entire night

Until it felt as though

We were really basking in daylight.

Then I watched clouds creep in

And cover the brightness of that moon

So that without close watch,

One could forget that it was there.

One could succumb to the shadows it had once laid bare.

But, yes, again the clouds continued by

And the moon popped out

To reilluminate the sky.

I do not know why there are times

When clouds must encompass all we see.

I do not know why darkness must sometimes envelope

Everything we both love and seek to be.

But I do know that the light

Is never fully gone

And we will always find it

If we pause to search through the night.

And most of all I’ve learned

That always hope will return

To light up the sky

And illuminate a new reason why.

—Written by Sandy Heights

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