As you age,

Life is guaranteed to throw

Moments of tragedy, shock, grief, and rage.

But life is also always willing to provide

Moments of joy, peace, and exhilaration

As you build the strength to grow,

To move forward from the past,

And choose not to return to where you’ve been.

One thing life has taught me thus-far:

Pain and loss can find you wherever you hide,

However safe you try to stay,

And within once ordinary moments,

No matter what you say.

But I also know that life can give

Joy amongst the sorrow

And can teach you to find peace

Even when you don’t like what you see

Or are afraid of what is around the next bend.

We all wish we could find a life of ease,

Of only happiness and glee.

But the truth is we wouldn’t learn

How to love, show compassion, forgive,

If we weren’t sometimes ourselves in need.

Life entangles the good with the bad

It gives and takes from what we’ve had.

And everyday we must choose

To believe in the good, the hope, the truth,

That surrounds everything we do.

–Written by Sandy Heights

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