Wading in Transitions

I’m standing in the middle of this river.

The water pulls along my hemline,

Wraps around my ankles,

And hides my feet.

The stream bids me to follow along

And babbles a new, mysterious song.

I know I must walk further into this shadowy water,

That I must wade into a future still unknown and unplanned,

A future too deep and distant to believe it was foretold.

Because I have no choice,

I follow this stream further in- I begin to swim-

And I pretend this future is what I always wanted,

That I’d choose to wade into this river again.

But the truth is, I had planned to stay dry.

I thought I had built a bridge to let me bypass this place.

Life often doesn’t turn out the way we planned.

Endings aren’t always peaceful.

And sometimes envisioned beginnings are buried in the sand.

I don’t know where this river ends,

But I am swimming with this current.

I still have hope for what I’ll find

Around the next, unexpected bend.

–Written by Sandy Heights

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