Lately in my dreams,

I’ve found myself on a boat.

Sometimes I mysteriously float

Along a current I don’t recognize,

Aimlessly caught in a cyclical current.

Sometimes I realize I’m riding

On the back of the wrong ship

As I watch others hoist sails

And feel the pressure of the wind

Force me to bow down to what I can’t control.

But worst of all is when I find

My vessel is taking on water.

For, I stair immobile and unable

To fix the crack I know is letting the water in.

And I wait– almost patiently–

To be awakened, to see that I am in fact still dry.

Yet my heart yearns to no longer be full,

My mind wishes to lighten its load.

And my muscles ask for a break.

Telling me if I don’t slow down

I might end up lost, in the wrong place,

Or I might just sink.

–Written by Sandy Heights

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