How do you pass on encouragement

When your own spirits are sinking down

Into a depth of worry you haven’t known before?

I want to tell her that life will workout,

That any dream can come true if pursued,

That she is on to bigger and better things.

But what if I struggle to describe hope right now?

Perhaps the most I can do

Is to promise you

That through the good and bad times,

The thick and thin,

Know that you will be surrounded

By a family who loves you

And who will always be rooting for you to win.

And while you won’t always win– sometimes we all lose–

Know that there is a door you can run back to,

A house with a light waiting for you,

And that I will always be proud of you,

No matter what life may put you through.

—Written by Sandy Heights

Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay

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