The author of this blog’s poems, Sandy Heights, works full-time in the non-profit field, but has written poetry since she was 12 years old. Poetry has been a constant in her life and an all-important effort which she has pursued. Sandy enjoys writing poetry about the complicated nature of relationships, as well as the connections each individual has to the larger world around him or her (both in nature and society).

The poems published on this blog have been written over the span of decades, across all ages of Sandy’s life. The 3 different categories connected to each blog post signify whether the poem was written when Sandy was a teenager, a young adult, or what society considers a “full adult.” All poems represent different levels of growth, depth of knowledge, and influx of experiences throughout Sandy’s life. In this way, The poems represent how all humans’ experiences and understanding change over lifetimes.

Please take a look at the poetry and leave your thoughts, recommendations for improvements, and ideas for future poetry subjects.

Thank you for visiting this blog!


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